Pegasus Cleaning Lobby Dustpan & Angled Broom
Pegasus Cleaning Lobby Dustpan & Angled Broom
  • SKU: PG0030030

Pegasus Cleaning Lobby Dustpan & Angled Broom


USAGE  Our dustpan and broom set is ideal for cleaning all types of debris such as dirt, leaves, litter, food scraps and small items such as beads that have been accidentally spilled. The long handle enables you to stay upright while sweeping – no uncomfortable bending down to clean.

DESIGN  The lip of the dustpan sits flush with the floor, ensuring the debris can be easily swept straight into the pan without scattering. The whole set is slim, light and takes up little space, meaning it can be easily stored in any corner or small cupboard.

MATERIAL  Tough polyurethane construction combines durability and light weight, ensuring it’s easy to use, wear-resistant and will enjoy a long lifespan. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

COLOUR – Black and matte grey colour prevents dirt from showing.

Dustpan and broom can be sold separately  please contact us for more details.


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